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What Do Kids Learn in Preschool?

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool?

My youngest child, Hannah, recently transitioned into K-Prep. How did this happen so quickly? As many parents can attest, the transition into a new classroom is a true signal of time passing and a physical reminder that our children are growing quickly, too quickly it sometimes feels. I’m not sure why I’m surprised that she moved up…the developmental signs have been there for months. Preschool has taught her so much in such a short period of time.

Five months ago she began insisting to dress herself. She started to be able to buckle and unbuckle her sandals then she mastered pants and her final accomplishment came last week when I picked her up. She proudly announced she could zip her own winter jacket because her teachers taught her how. She beams with pride, and thanks to these newfound skills, our mornings now go a bit smoother. High-five preschool teachers!

What are the other ways I know she’s ready for K-Prep?…

She spells her name no less than 40 times a day – singing the letters at the top of her lungs. She’s asked how to spell the rest of our family’s names and practices over and over and over until she gets them right.

Her scissor skills are on point. (See what I just did there?)

She gets her a lot of her own food and wants to pour her own milk.

She requested a light in her bed so that she could “read” before going down to sleep – just like her big sister.

Her drawings of people have gone from no bodies or distinguishing features to stick figures with faces and dresses.

Even though I have gone through this stage with my older daughter, I did forget what an explosion of learning – academic, social and practical – happens in the preschool classroom.

Hannah has gained such independence through these new skills. She proudly marched into K-Prep, looking forward to all the new skills just waiting for her in her new classroom.

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I am many things to many people, but my favorite role of all, is as mom to my two girls. I have pendulum swung between being a work-aholic mom and a stay-at-home mom and am currently trying to find the right balance of both worlds one day at a time. I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff and use the quote “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” from Ralph Waldo Emerson to guide me through life.


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