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Goodbye Summer: What I Won’t Miss about Summer

Goodbye Summer: What I Won’t Miss about Summer

Last weekend marked the unofficial end of summer. This week, tank tops and flip flops were tossed aside and replaced by back-to-school clothes and lunchboxes. As much as I hate to bid goodbye to summer, there are a few “things” about summer that I simply won’t miss. Don’t misunderstand. Despite my early musings about the cons of being a working mom in summer, our family ended up having a hallmark season.

We did lots of hiking with the kids and our 2-year old son even clocked his longest distance and highest mountain ascent. We went family camping and ate way too many s’mores and cheeseburgers. We had a stellar vacation week filled with family time and exploration. I even put on my mom swimsuit and had fun days at the beach with the children. But, even so, do you know what I won’t miss about summer?

Toddler playing with garden hose

Things I Won’t Miss about Summer

  • Sunblock every day and every few hours. I can handle dabbing some on the kids’ faces during those sunny fall days. But slathering them up while they are wiggling and complaining – I’m all done with that.
  • Wet clothing and lots of it. My kids took full advantage of my enthusiasm for water play activities this summer. On top of that there was spilled water, melted ice cream, and who knows what else dripped down their shirts. But really how many items of clothing can two kids go through? A lot – apparently.
  • Towels draped over every chair or railing available. See above. I’m not even sure how we came to own all these towels.
  • Dirty feet. Once upon a time, my daughter didn’t like to get her feet dirty, sandy or even walk on grass. Seven years later and there is absolutely no issue with getting her feet dirty. In fact, it’s become a sort of personal summer goal for her to see just how yucky she can get them. I fear it’ll take until next summer to scrub that dirt out.
  • Missing water bottles. It’s important for children to hydrate in the summer but where on earth do all their water bottles go to? In a few months, I’ll be wondering the opposite…how on earth did we get all these water bottles? But, for now, I can’t find a single one.
  • Humid frizzy hair. I’ve become best friends with my flat iron but even that can’t tame the frizz.
  • Ice cream. Nah – I’m just kidding. I’ll never get tired of ice cream.

Kids eating ice cream in summer

There it is – the “things” I absolutely won’t miss about summer. What are you looking forward to saying a summer goodbye to?


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