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What I’m Most Looking Forward to as a First Time Grandparent

What I’m Most Looking Forward to as a First Time Grandparent

Today’s post is written by Scott Stone, my dad and a soon-to-be first time grandparent. I feel more than confident that he’ll be an amazing grandpa based on what an incredible father he’s been and continues to be to my siblings and me, and his words below only confirm those feelings. Here’s what he’s most looking forward to in his new endeavor.

Father and daughter then and now

First Time Grandparent: What I’m Looking Forward To Most

What am I most looking forward to as a first time grandparent? This is the topic my daughter, Morgan, asked me to write about. Even though I like to write, at first I was apprehensive about sharing my thoughts with the whole world, so to speak. However, after I had thought about it for only a few minutes, it occurred to me that this would be an easy topic to write about because there are so many things about being a first time grandparent that I’m looking forward to.

Many of the things I’m looking forward to relate to Morgan and Justin. I look forward to watching them experience parenthood. I’m sure they’ll be great at it, but I am anxious to see how their lives evolve and their priorities change once their baby arrives. I also look forward to hopefully seeing them carry some traditions of each of their families forward and also making their own mark and creating some new traditions for their new family. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Morgan’s sister and brother take to their new roles as aunt and uncle (I’m pretty sure they’ll do well too).

Then there are several things I’m looking forward to from my own standpoint. I can’t wait to hold my grandchild in my arms and smell that wonderful, newborn smell. I look forward to spoiling my grandchild. I will brag on my grandchild, regardless of whether bragging is warranted, and I look forward to it. I look forward to attending my grandchild’s activities, whatever they may be. I look forward to bragging on my grandchild before, during and after those activities. I look forward to giving my grandchild my undivided attention when we are together. I look forward to creating some memories that I will cherish and that my grandchild will be able to look back on fondly, long after I’m gone. I hope that I am able to have a positive impact on my grandchild’s life and I look forward to having the opportunity to do so. And I look forward to watching my wife do all of the above (and then some).

Old family photos

While I am easily able to list many things I am looking forward to, it turns out answering the question Morgan posed “What am I most looking forward to?” is pretty difficult. But if I had to try and describe what I am most looking forward to, I think it is welcoming my grandchild into this world and marking the start of a new generation in our family. With Morgan being the oldest of our three kids, hopefully this baby will be the first of many grandchildren for my wife and me. As I’ve gotten more “mature”, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the importance of family and in particular my own family. While my wife and I haven’t done everything perfectly in raising our kids, I believe we have done a good job so far (my dad always said “you’re never done raising your kids” – my dad was a smart man). So I look forward to seeing what the next generation looks like. I want to see how they are raised. I want to see what kind of people they become. I want to see how their upbringing and their lives are influenced by the foundation that has been laid by my generation and the generations before mine. And my first grandchild is the start of all of that.

So, I’m really looking forward to the arrival of this baby. But you probably know that by now.

Father and children


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