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What My Family is Celebrating This Holiday Season

What My Family is Celebrating This Holiday Season

So, my house looks like a satellite warehouse for Amazon, we rolled out of my mom’s house full of latkes and chocolate Hanukkah gelt, we’re stressed about what to bake for my sister-in-law’s Christmas Day get together, and I’m crossing my fingers that my husband remembers to pick up the scratch tickets for our stockings. It takes no more than a deep breath to remember that, despite the fact that this is the perennial scene in our household, it is not in fact what the holidays are all about. So, as a reality check for me, if no one else, here is what we are, indeed, celebrating in my house this year over the holidays.

What My Family is Celebrating This Holiday Season

We are celebrating our health and the fact that the worst health scare in our family this year was my daughter’s broken arm.

We are celebrating my good fortune to work at a great company, with a great team.

We are celebrating my husband’s new job and the presumption that we can all remain calm through the changes it will mean for our family routine.

We are celebrating my son’s no-holds barred fantastic preschool teachers.

We are celebrating my daughter’s strong, committed and compassionate second grade teacher.

We are celebrating our friends and relatives who have been there to support us and help keep just the day to day stuff running smoothly.

We are celebrating the fact that we are in a position to give similar support to friends and family who need it.

We are celebrating the fact that we live daily with a sense of calm and security in a world that has known too much bloodshed, injustice and terror.

We are celebrating all this and so much more this holiday season and wishing you and your a joyous holiday season and a very happy New Year.

Brother and sister

How about you? What is your family celebrating this holiday season? Share with us in the comments area.


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