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Does Your Family Make a Summertime Wish List?

Does Your Family Make a Summertime Wish List?

Every year, it’s the same thing. In January, it feels as though summer is but a distant memory (except for the rush to register for summer camps). In May, summer seems to stretch out before my family, limitless and luxurious. And then it’s August and I have no idea what happened but the leaves are hinting at bronzes and reds and I’m sure I might smell the slightest threat of snow in the all-too-near future (can’t be!).

This is why, ever since I was a stay-at-home mom with my first baby, I’ve created a family summer wish list. Some years I even tack it to the fridge for all to see. Especially me. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the laundry and the groceries and the dinners and the bedtime battles…and completely forget that soon we will be pining away for these glorious sunny days.

This summer’s list is especially – well, special – because it’s the first one I made in partnership with my oldest. He’s now seven, headed to second grade soon, and so could even write down his own items.

Summer Activities for Families: Our Wish List

Here’s what we’ve got: 

Girl Smiling on Playground

  • New Hampshire (More specifically, the annual Story Land / Santa’s Village pilgrimage all New Englanders with young kids must make.)
  • S’mores around the fire pit with friends
  • Camping with the whole family (not my idea)
  • Hello Kitty birthday party (someone in my house turned 3 this month)
  • Join a pool? 
  • Ride bikes on the Minuteman Trail
  • Family camping out in the back yard


Not a bad list. It’s much more doable than in past years. I’m hoping to add “adopt a rescue dog” to this list. We’ll see about that. Our search has proved to be much more challenging than we thought it would be. 

So…is this a tradition in your house, too? What’s on your list for this summer? What do you think we can add and squeeze in this year or put a pin in for future years?

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I’m Rachel, a corporate marketing professional, and mom whose days are fueled by music, podcasts, dark chocolate, and just a smidge of bad TV.



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