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When Children Are Very Sick: A Mother’s Fear

When Children Are Very Sick: A Mother’s Fear

I have written recently about my friend and fellow Family Room blogger, Jessie (Modern Mom) whose daughter is in the PICU. I had hoped and had every expectation that by now I’d be able to write about her daughter’s return home, and, perhaps, a mom’s experience transitioning back to “normal” life at home and work after having gone through the ordeal they just had. And last week, her daughter was transferred out of the PICU onto the “floor” of the hospital. A huge sign that she had improved. Just 24 hours later, she was transferred to a rehab hospital. THIS was the light at the end of the tunnel. “I feel like I’m at the Four Seasons,” she texted me when they first arrived. Life has not dealt them an easy hand. But the cruelest twist of fate was about to come smashing down. Less than three hours after arriving at the rehab hospital, my friend’s daughter was in an ambulance back to the PICU they had left just 24 hours earlier. And there they are now. And there they will be for at least several more weeks.

And it is unfair. And it is cruel. And exhausting. And discouraging. And stressful. And it has been a torturous roller coaster ride of hopes raised and dashed.

But worst of all, it has been scary, and getting scarier. Read it in her own words here: A Mother’s Fear on the Huffington Post.

My friend hates it when people say “I don’t know how you do it.” So I don’t say that to her. But between you and me, I don’t know how she does it.

She amazes me (as does her husband) almost as much as her daughter does. But, hmmm, maybe now I have my answer. It is the twinkle in her daughter’s eye. Her indefatigable spirit. The enormously bright smile she shares so generously with the world. The pure goodness and compassion in her heart. That’s how her mom and dad do it. She gives them reason for optimism and hope every day. She nourishes their crushed souls. SHE is the antidote for a mother’s fear.

Little girl in a rehab facility

Editor’s Note: It can be hard to know the best way to support a fellow family when their child is very sick. Media Mom recently shared some wonderful ideas for useful ways to help a family when a child is in the hospital. 


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