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When Santa Claus Came To Town

When Santa Claus Came To Town

I was away on a business trip the night my dad called my husband with an idea. He wanted to dress-up as Santa Claus and surprise the kids. His plan was to come to my house dressed as Santa, walk around the yard as if he was looking for our chimney and then leave. He would then drive to my younger sister’s house to do the same. Finding a day that worked for all of us was tough during this time of year. He wanted to do it when it was still light out and he wanted me home. After much back and forth we decided to do this on a Tuesday afternoon. Both kids would be home and off the bus by 3:45.

Luckily, the last few weeks my kids have been playing “camping” with their babysitter which involves hanging out upstairs in my son’s room with the shades shut. As expected, my dad called to hash out the plan several times leading up to the day he came and the day of the event. He was really excited, so I prepped the sitter. I didn’t want her to be afraid and call the cops if she didn’t know why some Santa figure was walking around our yard!

So, at 4:00, as usual, the kids headed upstairs with snacks in hand and started playing while I continued to work in the office. My dad called to say he was near so I went downstairs to watch for him. Once he was in sight (he parked up the street), I flashed the indoor lights to let him know I saw him. Then I headed back up to my office as if nothing was different. Moments later I heard the excited screams from my kids. We then spent the next five minutes running from window to window trying not to let Santa out of our sight. While my kids suggested we go down and say hi, I discouraged it saying I wanted to see what Santa was doing. At that moment, my father…ahem Santa…pulled a scroll out of his big red satchel. My son started excitedly saying “He’s checking his list, he’s checking his list!” Santa then waved and started walking away. We ran to the next window.

I think at this point Santa was plotting his escape, but my kids were too fast catching a glimpse at him at every window, knocking every time. Before they knew it, though, “Santa” disappeared. Just like that. I am still shocked at how quickly Santa disappeared. He had a far way to walk before he was out of sight, but he did it. My kids’ reactions after he was gone were priceless and one of the most memorable Christmas moments ever. Their first words were “We are the LUCKIEST kids ever! No one has ever seen the real Santa but we saw him!”

My daughter then put on her boots and went outside to track his footprints. Five minutes later she confidently came into the house to tell me she found his footprints and you know what? “The exact spot where Santa disappeared, so did his footprints!”

Since their dad was away on a business trip, we called to tell him about our visitor. I can’t do their reaction justice, but this video of their phone call to their father might provide a little insight to that miracle moment – the day Santa came to town.


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