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White House Summit on Working Families

White House Summit on Working Families

Dave Lissy at White House Summit for Working FamiliesYesterday, President Obama hosted a White House Summit on Working Families. I was proud for my boss to be there representing Bright Horizons and excited that so many Americans wanted to be involved and have a seat at the table for the discussion about what we can do as a nation, as policy-makers, as employers, and as citizens to support the needs of working families. And at the same time, I’m still dumbstruck that we even need such summits. Since the beginning of time, people have had families and people have worked. Heck – it’s not just people – all species really live to work and to procreate. And yet somehow, millions of years since humans began walking this earth, we are still in need of summits and consortium and boards and roundtables to figure out how to balance or integrate or align these two basic facts of life.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not even evolutionary science. People (and penguins and elephants and chimpanzees, for that matter) work because they have families. So why would workplaces ever fail to recognize that? Why should we need Presidential policy to encourage support for working families? Why should employers who do step to the table to support their employees as mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers be considered progressive and forward thinking? Because if you look back in history and evolution you’ll find that society has never thrived without integrating the two completely.

It seems to me that if you looked at our DNA, you’d find that work and family and life are all embedded in the same one gene. So why is it such a struggle to extract that basic human fact and embed it in every human workplace?

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