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Wholehearted Parenting

I have found one of the hardest parts of parenting has been dealing with the seemingly constant, nagging feeling that you aren’t doing it right. I really struggle with this on a number of fronts. I’m a working mom and happy to be one but was raised by a wonderful SAHM and sometimes quietly wonder if I’ve made the right choice. Carving out small amounts of time with my husband and girlfriends to maintain and strengthen those relationships is something I value but adds to the pangs of guilt I feel. And now, as Liam enters toddlerhood it seems we’ve entered the minefield of parenting, and from how we’ll discipline him to how we feed him, I can’t help but feel insecure and uncertain at times. I sometimes feel weighted down by the judgement that I think for the most part, is self-imposed.

Enter Brené Brown. I love her. I’ve loved her since watching her TED talks from years past. She has a new book out which I’m excited to read but what touched me most was her recent blog on “Wholehearted Parenting.” In it, she talks about the uncertainly and insecurity that comes with modern parenting. She includes her answer to this, her Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto. It reminded me of the parent I want to be but sometimes forget to be and was the perfect antidote to my self-doubt. I hope you enjoy it too

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