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Why Everyday Play is so Important – and How You Can Fit it In

Why Everyday Play is so Important – and How You Can Fit it In

Can I be honest? When it comes to parenting, I don’t always know what I am doing. Rest assured, I definitely understand what my son needs and how to care for him, but when it comes down to it, I really am winging it – and sometimes wonder if I am doing the right thing.

Since he is my oldest, every “first” is a first for me as well.

  • The first time I tried using a baby wrap, we were both basically in tears and I still remain convinced that any mom who can use one seamlessly has a superpower.
  • On a weekend beach getaway, I thought nothing of only having a shower to clean off a sandy eight-month-old baby. That was, until I faced the reality of cleaning sand out of the rolls of a squirmy and slippery small child the second the water turned on. Lesson learned! Commercials make this effort look way easier than it actually is.
  • When he started learning how to walk, I realized we didn’t have any sneakers for him! We ended up in the shoe aisle in a panic trying all small sizes on his feet, since we had no clue what his shoe size was!
  • When he finally showed interest in food, we were constantly wondering, “Is he full?” There is no instruction manual on portion sizes for babies, and while we are so lucky to have a kid who would eat all day if we let him, it took us a while to learn what exactly is a good amount for him.

Overall, while I know what is appropriate for his well-being, I sometimes feel like I am on autopilot during the week. So in the midst of our busy daily routine, what are the things I should be prioritizing to encourage my son’s growth?

The Importance of Play in the Early Years

Recently, I got to sit down with our VP, Education & Development, Rachel Robertson, to talk about why play is so important for young children. I was pumped to talk with an expert, since I am a newbie to the mom role, and I loved getting her advice on why it is important to make time for play. That I can do!

I hope her advice can help all of the busy moms and dads out there. For me, it was comforting to know that if there is a day where I choose to leave the dishes in the sink or skip the laundry to play with my son, I may actually be doing just what I need to be.

Take a listen as Rachel and I dive in!

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