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Why I’m Breaking Up With My CSA

  1. No matter how hard we try, my family cannot keep up with all the greens you get. We have two small, non-salad eating children; there are only so many pasta dishes I can make; and I’m pretty lazy about washing things as I get them vs. when I use them and it’s a bit of a hassle sometimes to whip out the salad spinner.  Plus since I never got around to getting a composter, we had to garbage dispose most of the things that went bad.
  2. The Farmer’s Market that we pick up at is a bit sparse. Other than our farm and one other large one, there is only bread, pasta and sometimes coffee to purchase. I dream of a farmer’s market where I can pick up cheese, mix my own granola and just has a more vibrant feel.
  3. It’s hard to split a share. We split our full share with a neighbor and it was a lot of pressure to choose who got what when there wasn’t enough of one thing to split. Ex. Commuter Mom and I belong to the same CSA and she raved about the cheddar cauliflower we got in our bags this week. However, I couldn’t enjoy mine because I had taken the broccoli the last time and felt that I should leave the cauliflower for my neighbor.
  4. With only one variety of fruit each week (and sometimes none), I always had to supplement with other fruits from the stand or the store.
  5. The variety wasn’t great. Because our CSA is organic and because of the weather getting so warm so quickly, many crops just didn’t make it or weren’t CSA worthy. Are all CSAs in the northeast like that or did we just get an unusually large amount of peas and green beans?

I am glad we joined. It did force us to eat more veggies, try things we’d never tried before like beets, and garlic scapes.  So for next year, I am getting on the wait list at the CSA in my town where you can go to the farm and choose the veggies that you want to take and will do my best to supplement with produce from farmer’s markets only.  How did your CSAs work out this year?

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