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“But Why, Mama?” – When Your Toddler’s in the Why Phase

“But Why, Mama?” – When Your Toddler’s in the Why Phase

I can sum up the last 24 hours with my son in one three-letter word: “Why.”

We’ve officially hit the ‘why’ phase in our house. A typical conversation with our two-year old usually includes at least 10 different versions of the same question, many of which include multiple variations of: “But why, Mama?” – “Why?” – “You sure, Mama?” – “But Mama, why Mama, why?” – “How come?”

Toddlers & The Why Phase: Making Sense of the World Around Them

Now if you have ever met a two-year-old (never mind lived with one), it doesn’t take long to recognize that this is a rather common two-year-old mentality, and I’m here to tell you one silly little thing about this why phase…I love it! I find it fascinating that this little human being, who less than a year ago didn’t have a single word, is now actively engaged in exploring this big and exciting world around him.

The Why Phase_Boy with inquisitive look

I also have to confess, I’m embracing the challenge! You see my little guy, he’s quite persistent, and he doesn’t take one little “why” explanation as the end-all-be-all verdict, that would be way too easy! In our house, five-eight “why’s” is more our speed as he drills deeper and deeper down to the core of the concept he is seeking to understand.

While the busy mom side of me might sometimes rush through these drawn-out why conversations on occasion (we’re all human, right?), the first-time-mom side of me is marveled by his genuine need for answers and explanations – there is nothing more captivating than watching the wheels literally turning in his mind as he squishes his eyes shut, processing the detailed response I just delivered on the scientific laws that govern our universe. (True story: our latest ‘why’ debate ended in an explanation of the earth’s gravitational pull, and just recently featured a philosophical debate as to why the color “blue” has been termed in fact to be “blue”.)

And truth be told, my husband has laughed on occasion when we have finally hit that “I have no idea” moment and end up doing a quick Google search for help.

One things for sure, we’re helping our little guy learn a lot about the world but the truth of the matter is, he’s teaching us a lot, too.

Is your toddler in this phase? What things has he or she wondered about? Share them with a comment below!

MarisaI’m a thrill-seeker by day, yet homebody at heart, reveling in quality time spent with my two-year old son and husband of five years. Master of building forts and picking up perfectly-cooked toddler meals that have been thrown on the floor, I strive to find humor and grace in the balancing act of being a working mama and wife.


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