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Why Toddlers Make Great CEOs

Check out this terrific column by the Financial Times’ Lucy Kellaway on why the best (surprisingly) and worst (not so surprisingly) CEOs have a lot in common with toddlers.  Among the highlights is the revelation that came to Nicholas Brann, a former banker with a 3rd child on the rink of toddlerhood. He geared himself up by writing some of the best traits of toddlerhood and them came to realize many of those traits were shared by many of the best CEOs he had worked for. They include:

● Toddlers are full of energy and enthusiasm. You can’t beat a toddler who is really into something and going for it 100 per cent.

● Toddlers are natural risk-takers. They throw themselves into climbing down the banisters in the boldest, bravest fashion.

● Toddlers are persistent. When told not to smear jam on a DVD, they will wait a couple of minutes and then do it again.

● Toddlers are inquisitive. They will not be fobbed off with a stock reply but go on asking “why? why? why?”

● Toddlers are creative. Their felt-tip drawings on walls and sofas betray the liveliest imagination.

● Toddlers have great interpersonal skills. They are good at thawing the hardest heart with hugs and sloppy kisses.

Check out the full article for a fun and refreshing read that may help you appreciate your toddler and your CEO more.

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