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WobL: The Potty Training Wonder Watch

WobL: The Potty Training Wonder Watch

If you’ve read my blog before, you know that we’ve been on a long and winding potty training road with my daughter. She had been doing fantastic over the summer, but then, once Kindergarten started, the accidents started up again. It was very stressful, frustrating, and concerning for her, us, and her teachers. We finally got a referral to a pediatric urologist, and while I’ll spare you all the details, two main things came out of it. The first was a medication for a spasmodic bladder. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for girls to develop spasms and a hyperactive bladder after trying so hard to hold their pee in so they don’t have to interrupt what they’re doing to go to the bathroom.

But the second thing that came out of the visit was the WobL. WobL is a watch that can be programmed for up to eight alarms a day. You program it to vibrate (for a discrete alarm), to sound, or to do both. Under doctor’s orders, my daughter’s watch is programmed to vibrate every 1 1/2 – 2 hours. She has to go the bathroom every time it vibrates. I started by asking her Kindergarten teacher what the key bathroom break times are at school (before recess, before lunch, etc.). I programmed those times, and then programmed other intervals around them. It’s genius — largely because my daughter just does it. The watch gets no push back, no back talk, and no refrains of “But I don’t HAVE to go.” It’s even helped her attitude when she’s not wearing the watch. We’ve chosen not to use the watch on the weekends, for instance, because it would mean reprogramming it every Friday and Sunday night because our weekend schedule is so different from the weekday. Instead, I give her the reminders, and she has become much more compliant and accommodating about using the bathroom. Best of all, since starting the WobL and the meds — there has only been one accident! We still have more follow up to do, but so far,  I’m a fan of the watch.

By the way, the watch can be used for more than potty training. It’s recommended for kids who need to take medications multiple times a day, or are hearing impaired, for example. It’s not too expensive, and while there are other similar products, the big claim about the WobL is that it’s the smallest multiple alarm watch on the market. That’s not unimportant, because, despite how small it looks in pictures, it’s still not so terribly small in actuality.


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