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Words to Remember

I am a complete stress case right now.  My husband was sick a few weeks ago and in the hospital for an entire week (he’s home now and doing well), then I had business travel the following two weeks.  Sandwiched between the travel was a weekend of birthday festivities for my daughter.  I got behind at home, and at work…and completely lost control of what little organization and planning ahead I had.

Now, I continue to put pressure on myself to pull off the perfect Christmas – including finding time to relax with my extended family, sharing perfectly wrapped gifts, eating labor intensive meals.  In the middle of all of that I read this week’s e-family news, Giving (and Getting) During the Holiday Season.  While I was reading the first paragraphs I started to get even more stressed and frustrated.  Am I feeding into a culture of materialism and commercial junk?  Am I doing enough to make my daughter a thoughtful appreciative child?  Ugh.  Thank goodness I kept reading…here’s the last paragraph:

 Doing What We Can
It’s a lot easier to write about swimming upstream in the material world than living those words. We ought to do what we can and celebrate that, not beat ourselves up because there is so much more that we could be doing.

Thank you!  I’m going to try really  hard to take that advice and let go of the things that really don’t matter in the long run.  After all, will any of us remember what we ate on Christmas eve?  Or what the present we gave to Nana looked like?  No, we’ll remember baking cookies together, going to the movies as a family, and playing games in our pajamas.

Happy Holidays!

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