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The Work-Life Equation Ep. 28: (Rewind) Secrets of Successful Parents

The Work-Life Equation Ep. 28: (Rewind) Secrets of Successful Parents

You’ve probably been there: juggling the parent to-do list, adjusting to shifting schedules and needs, rushing to get out the door in the morning, taking mental notes at every turn, stocking the fridge, helping with homework, making sure the bills are paid—all while getting to work on time and giving your job one hundred percent of yourself, too.

And maybe at times, you feel like it’s just impossible to do everything, and be everything to everyone. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, is there a better way?

That’s where author Jodi Detjen’s Orange Line Theory comes in. It starts with changing the thinking that everything has to be “either-or”—either you take care of the family, or you work. To her, it’s an antiquated way of thinking that’s holding women back. And she says, once you discard that thinking, along with the guilt that comes from not being able to do everything perfectly, then (and only then) can you really take the steps forward.

But what’s great about this conversation is that she sheds light on the fathers, too, and how they’re also tied to this old-school notion that their priority is work. She says, that could end up eventually taking them completely out of the family equation, which is not what today’s dads want.

We revisited this conversation with Jodi, because her points line up with our recent Modern Family Index findings. Our study found that women are still afraid to tell their bosses they’re pregnant, and they’re still losing out on leadership positions because they’re moms. Jodi says, one way companies can and should freshen up their approach is to think of flexibility “not as a benefit, but as a strategy.”

Take a listen to this episode, and let us know if it inspires any of your own ideas for how to create a better work-life solution for all working parents.

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