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Work Travel During the Holidays

Work Travel During the Holidays

I’m a bit of a homebody, especially around the holidays. There is so much to be done from buying gifts to fostering the daily holiday spirit into my children’s lives (often in the form of playing Elf on the Shelf). Unfortunately, this month my work is making it a bit more challenging to enjoy the season. As I type, it is near midnight and I’m blogging on a plane during a long flight home from my company’s office in Colorado. A fairly last minute trip I hadn’t expected, a trip that brings on many mixed emotions. I enjoy visiting our team in Colorado quite a bit. It’s often a nice break from the day to day grind, family obligations and just the regular routine. I find it rejuvenating to connect with the people I work so closely with. There’s nothing like face to face time.

Elf on the ShelfLast Sunday, I had the chance to take my daughter to the Nutcracker last minute. Since he wasn’t coming along, the last time I saw my son before my trip was Sunday around lunch time. I felt guilty because even though I’d only be away for a short amount of time (three days), to me, it felt like months. My son was in tears when he realized he wouldn’t see me before I left. I promised to wake him when we got home from the show and I tried, several times in fact. However, he never really did wake up, confirmed by our first phone call when he sadly said “You never woke me up to say goodbye.” Since I’ve been in Colorado, I’ve spoken with him and my daughter on the phone at the end of each day, but hearing about the silly places Eddie (and our new Elf Skittles) has hidden is nothing compared to seeing the excitement in their eyes or hearing it in their voices the moment they find their hidden elf friends. They don’t tell me much about their day and are often quick to get off the phone and return to TV or whatever distraction is going on at home. Virtual hugs and kisses are just not the same.

While I’m happily on a plane heading back home, I know next week will be an equally busy work week. I will be in various meetings for three days straight plus consumed with stress preparing for those meetings. In addition, my schedule this month is also preventing me from a few holiday social outings I wanted to be a part of.

This is the life of a working mom and I know many working parents can relate to it. You don’t get to say “I don’t want to work right now, it’s the holiday season.” You work when the work is there and sometimes it’s not when you necessarily “want it”. Regardless, I can’t complain. I’m on my way home to my family and tomorrow morning will be wonderful (even if I am exhausted).

Is your work schedule busier than normal this time of year? How do you balance work, family and the holidays?


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