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Working Parents: Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

Working Parents: Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

And so it begins…tomorrow is the official start of the holiday season and my favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving. For me there is nothing better than gathering together with family and eating lots of delicious food.

Surviving the Holidays with Family

But also there is the excitement that the holiday season is starting. Like a little kid, I always envision the month leading up to Christmas as a little bit magical. And I dream this will be the year that maybe the daily (and dare I say hum-drum) routine of life will be swept under the holiday tree until the new year.

Of course that is until December 1 comes along and I realize that I haven’t even thought about holiday cards, gift lists, holiday parties, recipes and menus, managing schools out schedules and child care, holiday outfits and haircuts, and on and on. By that point I am so stressed out that I forget all about the magic.

That is why this year I am vowing to remove (at least some of) the stress and enjoy the holidays with my family. Bright Horizons founder, Linda Mason, shares great advice in this video – Surviving and Enjoying the Holiday Season – from maintaining daily routines to setting realistic expectations during the holidays.

Working Parents: Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

It got me thinking about my personal working parent “enjoy the holidays” list:

  • I vow to be present and engage with the family. I will turn off the phone, computer, and television and dance to holiday songs and be as silly as possible.
  • I vow to simplify my gift list.
  • I vow to spend some time crafting with my daughter and making homemade presents. We skipped this last year and I really miss both the bonding time with her and the experience of teaching her about the value of giving.
  • I vow to spend a day not cleaning and doing chores but making our annual “overly sprinkled” holiday cookies. It will be Owen’s first time and I’m guessing we’ll go into a sugar coma when he’s done.
  • I vow to find some time for myself. I’m not sure yet how I am going to do this but I know I need it.

Family on Christmas Night

There is more I should do but, as a working mom, I need to be realistic about what I can manage and balance. I need inspiration though. Any advice for how to accomplish any/all of these? Or what’s worked for you to de-stress during the holidays (besides wine – I have that one covered!)?


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  1. Profile photo of Kate

    Kate November 21, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    My favorite de-stressor during the holidays is to turn off all the lights besides the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music. That, or watch Love Actually. Always bring the holiday spirit back!

    PS, You look so much like Olivia in that picture!

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