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The Working Parent’s Wellness Toolkit

The Working Parent’s Wellness Toolkit

Today’s guest post was written by Christina Reale, Wellness Coach and Speaker on the must watch Parent Webinar: The Working Parent’s Wellness Toolkit. Here she shares her journey to finding a balance between a successful career and a healthy lifestyle – Welcome Christina!

My Own Wellness Journey: Learning to Juggle Work/Life

I left a successful career as a Vice President and Portfolio Manager in the real estate world to become an entrepreneur and full-time wellness coach. Leaving my 17-year career which had served me well for so many years was a difficult decision. I was full of fear of the unknown and starting a new business comes with plenty of unknowns. But, I was inspired to share what I learned in my own wellness journey with the many people that I witnessed facing the same challenges.

My demanding career helped me understand first-hand what it means to work long hours, travel for business and live out of a suitcase, eat most (if not all meals) at a desk behind a computer, and go through the day balancing deadlines and stress management. It’s a challenge to balance it all by finding the time in a day to exercise, make healthy meals, spend time with friends/family, and still produce in your career. It’s absolutely a juggling act, to say the least.


I also learned that living well and being healthy is about much more than eating the right foods. Of course, nutrition will fuel and nourish you so it’s an important foundation but even if you eat well and exercise regularly, if you’re not managing stress or if your primary relationship is in turmoil, you’re not going to feel good or be productive. This became evident in my own life. I was eating well and exercising regularly but stress played a big role in my life. Not only did I worry about the health impacts stress was having on my body, but it was also had effects on my sleep, mood, and weight. I experienced first-hand, that everything in our lives is integrated and that often times when one aspect of our lives is off-balance, it will throw other aspects off-balance fairly quickly. That lesson was invaluable.

Once I combined my healthy foundation of eating well and exercise with stress management, I could feel the changes in my body. I started sleeping through the night and noticed more energy throughout the day. My cravings for an afternoon coffee or sugar fix diminished and with that the extra pounds that I wished to lose also disappeared. Learning these tools inspired me. There were so many people facing the same challenges and struggling to find wellness in their lives that I decided I wanted to share the tools and lessons that I learned. My enthusiasm lead me to obtain formal training in nutrition and wellness.

Now, I work with busy people who are juggling many responsibilities at work and at home. They’ve reached a point in their lives where they realize that the positive impact of taking care of themselves will magnify in their lives. Together we strategize to create healthy change in their lives by building on their strengths and overcoming weaknesses. I love when I see the positive effects for my clients when they start to feel better in their bodies, start sleeping better, they notice they have more energy, and they lose those extra pounds.

I provided my practical tips for staying grounded amidst life’s responsibilities at The Working Parents’ Wellness Toolkit webinar. Along with helping you set wellness goals, I’ll also show you how to pave the way to better manage stress and to find strategies to balance a successful career and a well-lived life. 


What: Bright Horizons Family Matters webinar on The Working Parent’s Wellness Toolkit.

Guest Speaker: Christina Reale, Wellness Coach and Founder of Reale Wellness

Hosted By: Jessica Kaplan, Family Matters Moderator

The Working Parent’s Wellness Toolkit – Live Chat & Twitter Discussion

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christina2About Christina: Christina is a Wellness Coach and Speaker with over 10 years of experience in the wellness world combined with a successful 17-year career as a Vice President and Portfolio Manager of a $5 billion real estate fund. Her unique skill set allows her to effectively coach and motivate individuals in finding a balance between successful careers and well-lived lives. In addition to her first-hand experience, she graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified health and wellness coach.

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