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Welcome to Bright Horizons World at Home

Welcome to Bright Horizons World at Home

We are happy to stay connected and support your child’s learning while you are safely at home, with guided learning opportunities that follow a typical classroom daily schedule. Children thrive with routine, especially when there is big change around them. We invite you to explore our library of enriching activities from Bright Horizons educators to enhance your child’s learning and engagement.

Getting Started

Introduction to World at Home: Watch the Video

Family Guide

Scheduling Tips

External Resources from Friends of Bright Horizons


Check back frequently as we will be adding activities throughout the week.

Featured Video: Let’s Read Together

Young boy reading a book

When You Just Have to Roar by Rachel Robertson

Books and stories invite us into worlds we can only imagine. But they also increase our understanding of expectations in our own world. Talk to your child about what kind of expectations you have at home – around bedtime, dinner, or screen time. Ask about what they mean, how they’ve changed, and what to do when the expectation is for quiet – but you just want to roar!

Watch the Video >


Ideas for Parents of Infants

Baby Playtime Activities

Sensory Bottles

Baby Bonding Activities

Toddlers and Preschoolers

STEM: Making Rafts

New Virtual Field Trip: Yosemite

Virtual Field Trip: Bald Eagles

Math: Sticky Notes

Let’s Play: Roadway/Hiking Path

Family Cooking: Berry Muffins

New Language Works: My New Friend is Fun!

Language Works: Alphabet Bingo

New Movement Matters: Yogi Says – Animals

Movement Matters: Balance Beam

Science Rocks: Suncatcher

Featured Video: Yoga and Mindfulness

Young boy reading a book

Bear Breath

What do you do when you’ve got so much “bear” energy, you feel like you’re going to burst? You head to your “bear cave,” and breathe those big feelings out. In this video, Educator Taylor Graham teaches the yoga and mindfulness exercise of “Bear Breath.” Learn how you and your kids can focus your breathing, and blow those big “bear” feelings away.

Watch the Video >

School Agers

New Virtual Field Trip: Yosemite

The Field Trip: Bald Eagles

Family Cooking: Chicken Tacos

Science Rocks: Sun Catchers

New Math Counts: Roll a Bridge

Art Smart: Circle Stamps

Language Works: Sound Hunt

Brain Builder: What Did You See?

New Movement Matters: Yogi Says – Animals

Movement Matters: Balance Beam

Featured Video: Art Smart

Young boy reading a book

Circle Stamps

Who says you need fancy tools to create stamp art? All you need is some paint and a few items you already have around the house. Follow along with Bright Horizons’ Hanna Robertson as she demonstrates the art of using bottle caps, juice tops, and a bunch of other everyday things to get circle stamping – and create masterpieces!

Watch the Video >

Resources for Families

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