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You’re Invited: Bright Horizons Curriculum Night

You’re Invited: Bright Horizons Curriculum Night

As you plan your family’s activities for the fall, be sure to mark your calendar for Curriculum Night!

In today’s post we invited Bright Horizons center directors to share what you can expect during Curriculum Night and just what makes it such a special event:

“Curriculum Night is an opportunity for our teachers to show their expertise in early childhood education and serve as knowledgeable resources for families. Parents are able to engage with their child’s teachers and other parents while learning about our emergent curriculum. Since our center offers child care during the event they can give their full attention and ask questions that they can’t do at busy drop-off and pick-up times. For our upcoming Curriculum Night, we’re looking forward to showing off all of the things we do each day to make each child’s experience a great one! We’re excited to share how we set up our classroom environments to support emerging interests and learning through play. The teachers are able to move throughout the room explaining to parents how each area supports the social, emotional and cognitive development of their child.” – Melissa Murray, Center Director, McNeil Child Development Center

“My favorite part of Curriculum Night is watching parents have that “aha” moment when they realize what World at their Fingertips is all about.  I love seeing Kindergarten prep parents working with the Handwriting Without Tears materials, toddler parents learning the morning greeting song sitting in group time, infant parents making their own sensory bottles, and two’s parents problem solving while building with solo cups. By far my favorite thing is to watch preschool parents waiting with anticipation to hear the “love note” that their child left for them (each day parents leave their children love notes to be read in the middle of the day).” – Brandi Nobles, Center Director, Bright Horizons at Raleigh Corporate Center

Head here to find a Curriculum Night at a center near you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Bright Horizons Curriculum Night

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