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You’ve Been Booed!

We were “Booed” over the weekend! For those of you not familiar with this fun neighborhood ritual, it’s where in the dark of night (or dusk really) you secretly leave a bag of Halloween goodies on your neighbor’s doorstep.

We arrived home after a morning of running errands (guess our neighbors decided to strike while we were out instead of waiting until evening) to find a cute black bag in front of our door. The boys were super excited to dig in and had a grand time spreading out all the cool things they had been gifted. (Sorry, blogger fail, but I forgot to take photos). Our bag contained candy (of course), fake vampire teeth, a few whoopie cushions and assorted Halloween stickers and toys. It also contained a note about what the bag was and what to do next.

The first is to display this on your door so everyone knows you’ve already been Booed.

Display it where it will be easily seen.

Then create a Boo bag for two  neighbors, to be delivered the next day. The bag has to contain a print out from this site, so the neighbors you choose know what it is and what to do next to keep the fun going. It  does say to drop the bag, ring the doorbell and run away, but having both small children and a dog at home, I know the havoc a ringing doorbell can bring onto a home, so we skipped that step and just left the bag without warning. Our bags contained cupcakes (one per kid in the household, and I only used these because we had leftovers from a party) a small pumpkin, Halloween pretzels and some candy…all things we already had, no need for an emergency run to the Target dollar bin. We chose two neighbors we knew had kids and didn’t have a sign on their door and Max and his dad set out to make their stealth deliveries. Ben would have joined but he was too busy having a tantrum over what to eat for dinner, ahem.

Max thought the whole process was tons of fun. He rides the bus with the two kids we chose so I’m sure our Booing won’t stay secret for long. You could certainly do this with adult neighbors but the bags would probably contain a bit more wine candy.

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